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Whatever you need for your car, we got it here. All you need do is just call us for car repair in our shop in Ajman and we will be there for you.
Get quality Auto repair and car repair services in Ajman from our certified mechanics at best prices: we are one of the Best Garages in Auto car repair in Ajman
We are the area’s leading provider of automotive care – specializing in all types of car repair, automotive diagnostics, and professional vehicle services. Here is a list of some of the professional car repair capabilities and automotive services we offer you:
ac car repair
Car radiator leakage car repair in Ajman
Radiator replacement in Ajman
Car battery testing in Ajman
car wrapping in Ajman
Car computer testing in Ajman
Car battery replacement in Ajman
Car Alternator repair in Ajman
Car starter repair in Ajman
Car diagnostic in Ajman
Car polishing in Ajman
Car synthetic oil change in Ajman
Car Mineral oil change in Ajman
5000 km oil change in Ajman
10000 km oil change in Ajman
Oil leakage repair in Ajman
Brake service in Ajman
Disk skimming service in Ajman
Brake Pads replacement in Ajman
Rotor replacement in Ajman
Car Air Gas top up in Ajman
Air Condition Gas Filling in Ajman
mechanics in Ajman
glass replacement in Ajman
windshield repair in Ajman
auto shops in Ajman
vehicle repair in Ajman
car repair shop in Ajman
brake repair in Ajman
automotive mechanic in Ajman
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Featured List
  • 4 cylinder engine service - AED120.00
  • 6 Cylinder engine service - AED140.00
  • Oil Change ( small car) - AED100.00
  • Oil Change (Big Car ) - AED150.00
  • Rod Allignment - AED70.00
  • Tyre Allignment - AED60.00

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